A Veal calf lives their whole life with no mother, no sun, and malnourished. They keep them malnourished to keep them at the right weight and body composite. These farmed animals are not seen as a living being, just as a course of food. They are lonely, sick, and scared for every minute of their […]

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For the love of animals

animal love

Most people might not realize how caring animals can be. How they love and feel pain and sadness like us. For me that is why I joined ALOP. Just because animals do not speak our language does not mean they do not feel like we do. Every time an animal is locked in cages, hunted, […]

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World Elephant Day


Today is World Elephant day. On August 12 every year is World Elephant Day. The day brings people together to help conserve and protect elephants from the numerous threats they face all over the world. Mission: The World Elephant Day mission is to spread awareness, share knowledge, and provide solutions for better care and management of both […]

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