5 tips for a happy dog


As an animal lover there is no doubt dogs probably have a special place in your heart. Not only are dogs full of love for their owners, they are playful and protective. Most dogs would die for their owner and will always care for them no matter what happens between the two. This unconditional bond is […]

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Last chance ranches


The reason ALOP.org started was to help people understand that animals are our partners not for food and fun. They have feelings just like us and there is plenty of other ways to live awesomely without killing them, especially in the inhumane psychotic ways we do now. We have found another focus and it will be […]

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Meat feeds the EGO


In a world where it is known that eating the meat and flesh of an animal is not healthy. Why would we still eat meat? It’s an interesting physiological study. As natural selection comes into play, all species do what is best to survive without even knowing it. Yet humans with the knowledge to survive better […]

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